Women Soul Trekking




I have loved Spirit since I was a child and I have always seen Her most clearly in the wildness of the natural world. Now I guide small groups of women in what I call soul trekking through inner and outer wilderness; Custom hiking, snowshoeing, camping, and/ or kayak journeys in the raw beauty and wonder of the Alaskan wilderness.

I facilitate journeys that allow you to tune in, listen to and connect with the natural world within and around you. With my years of experience and intimate communion with this wild part of the earth, I create a safe space for you to let go and open to the part of yourself that is at fully home and gloriously mirrored in the wildness.

I have repeatedly seen and experienced what happens when a group of women come together in the wilderness with the intention of healing and growing and awakening more fully. It is one of the most powerful alchemies I have witnessed.

Here we re-discover a deep and authentic recognition of belonging to nature around us, within us and in each other. The wilderness gently and naturally strips us of the things that don’t really matter, immersed in her ever-present magic we tap into an ancient wisdom that naturally points us to what is most real– we are guided home.

Explore my website to learn more about the soul treks, about me and my journey, and about this magical place on earth. I also share reflections and soultrekking practices here to give you a taste of this path of wild awakening. Feel welcome to contact me anytime,