Women Soul Trekking

Tsunami warning

I woke up to my entire home shaking yesterday morning followed by the sound of a tsunami warming siren blasting through our entire community. The epicenter of the earthquake was further north, but the quake was felt far and wide. This was our community’s second tsunami evacuation this year, thankfully with no tsunami yet.

There have been multiple aftershocks, I felt more small quakes even as I was falling asleep last night. Mother Gaia is certainly trying to get our attention. Perhaps we can begin to open our eyes to things like how fracking in this area within the ring of fire and merging tectonic plates is suicidal.

When I drop in and listen within the deeper realms, the urgency is so simple and clear. Seriously, how many alarms do we need? I know I am not alone in my inquiry into what I can personally do and how I can serve in the massive shift we are experiencing on a universal level whether or not we feel ready. The time is now and the hour has arrived for us to wake up, shake off, and stand up.

Within this personal inquiry some fundamental things are very clear. Time for me to completely bust out of the closet as a radical Mother Gaia, Great Mother, and Goddess lover and devotee. Time to speak up and out for all I love and hold sacred, even if my voice is squeaky and my knees shake. Time to drop the old boxes I’ve put myself in that have become a prison. And time to let go of the programs and fears that have kept me asleep and under the illusion that I’m separate and too small to make a difference.

We are all in this together whether we like it or not. Literally. And there is great hope in this. We don’t have to do it all alone. If we each do our piece and sing our own authentic tune, what a glorious tapestry and melody of healing and co-creation we can weave! 

As I dive deep to heal the old imprints and programs and conditionings that have perpetuated my separateness and despair, I have committed to open to JOY. A joyful and even delightful transmuting of pain and burden into massive freedom and release aimed in service of Love and Life. Imagine what we can accomplish as we do this together and lift each other up in the process! May we see The Great Mother in one another and celebrate Her Love as our compass home.

All my love,