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What do I need to bring on a day trek:

Layered clothing is real important
Sturdy hiking boots/shoes
Water bottle
Bagged lunch/snacks
Raingear (weather changes quickly!)

How is soul trekking different from a regular women’s trip?

Soul Trekking is a small group process, a simultaneous inner and outer wilderness journey. We blend mind-body-spirit practices like meditation, journaling and deep listening with hiking, kayaking and other wilderness skill building.

It is for women who desire to take responsibility for their own spiritual awakening and embodiment.

Our intention is to co-create and facilitate a safe container for healing and connection so that each woman can tune in more fully to their innate wisdom and belonging during their wilderness trip.

Women come to the Soul Trekking trips to regain strength and trust in themeselves and the world, to reenergize, reconnect, to rejuvenate.

Do I need to have previous experience or a certain level of physical fitness?

We will do our best to customize wilderness trips to accommodate different levels of physical fitness. However, none of the hikes in Kachemak Bay are handicap accessible. The most imperative piece in planning is to communicate any physical limitations while scheduling so that no one is put in danger and people are matched well together. No previous experience is necessary for trips unless specified.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Kathi A. Sabot

    This is Kathi from Arizona.
    I feel a healthy connection to your intentions, and love how people seem “right sized” in relation to the living, breathing Earth in your beautiful photos.

    My background is in nursing, and art therapy. Also writing, photography, hiking, and some gypsy explorations of intentional communities—always wanting to learn how people live and work together harmoniously.

    When I clicked on the events for 2016 there weren’t any listed. I am wondering if it would be possible to have a week long trek, paddle, sail, camp, whatever.

    Ideally I would drive there, since it would be good to see the terrain change from Arizona through Canada, etc.

    But I don’t know if I can afford that.

    I am not working, just left the Hopi Reservation, and put my stuff in storage. I’m finding cat-sitter for the little critters, and would perhaps take the dog or leave him with friends.

    It’s probably still winter in Alaska, although it’s the beginning of Spring here.

    My other intention is to stay at Deer Park Monastery for 1 year. I did a 3 month retreat there 2 years ago, and cherish their practice (Thich Nhat Hahn is the founder).

    Please let me know when you would be offering outings.


    Blessings of health,

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