Women Soul Trekking

My vision

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Walking in the wilderness has always felt like walking inside myself within this Great Mystery; I am consistently gifted with pure delight and in wonder at the depths and magnificence of Creation. I feel called to share this ‘portal’ with other women. I have made remarkable connections with women in the wilderness, it is as though the magick can’t help but to facilitate authentic and rich connection.

I am devoted to this intimate Divine love affair; to this healing path and its authentic unfolding for the greatest good of all. It is my intention to feed this vision of facilitating women connecting with and in the wilderness and honor this calling that is bigger than myself. It is my intention to openly share the gifts that She flows through me and encourage the same in others. I have seen and experienced what can happen when a group of women come together in the wilderness with the intention of healing and growing and awakening more fully together. It is one of the most powerful alchemies I have witnessed.


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